the healing power of Drum circles

Drumming helps develop listening skills, encourages community building, inspires new ways of communicating and assists the body in healing itself by increasing grounding rhythms. Drum circles create a safe space for people of all ages to express creativity, create music, move their body and have fun through dynamic, interactive activities. We also use the powerful grounding elements of drumming during private sound healing sessions to clear energy blockages and balance the mind/body/spirit.

The djembe and it's beautiful culture has been rejoiced for hundreds of years connecting people with love, dance, celebration, preparation and ceremony.  The Djembe, originating in West Africa, honors the unification of the Tree spirit, Goat spirit, and the Human spirit, to make it's magic we all love so much.  All over the world in various cultures, different forms of drums have been created and used for it's versatile healing purposes.  I honor the culture by sharing the Djembe and other powerful instruments to bring people together, encourage dance, expression and celebration of life.

The Rhythm Of Life - The Heartbeat

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Group circles are a great way to connect with others in community, practice your skills and submerge yourself in grounding vibrations.  Drum circles have been proven to reduce stress, reduce pain, improve memory and raise energy levels.  We blend structured drum expressions with improv to bring everyone together and become one with the music. We encourage everyone to come with their drum/other instrument, be themselves and allow their soul to play.  We allow our Drum Circles to be a place of expression, fun, joy and passion.  Everyone is free to dance, laugh, chant, and play their hearts out.  We host Drum Circles at different locations every month(weather permitting).  We'd love to have you at our next circle!

We are available to collaborate with you at your next event!  Drumming is the perfect way to bring everyone together during retreats.  Drumming brings a lot of energy and can help facilitate shamanic trance vibes to meditations, Yoga Circles, Ceremonies, and many other Special Events.  Drumming can universally fit into many structures and we'd love to be apart of your event.  Send us a message and let us know how we can serve you!

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